Roots for Resources Giving Campaign

The humans behind The Plant Happy have a strong connection to Mother Earth and the Universe as a whole. We understand that without love and compassion toward one another we have nothing, and the more we lift each other up on this journey, the more we are lifted. 

Roots for Resources is a monthly pledge from The Plant Happy to donate all profits to a specific organization named below each and every month. You will find the cuttings for sale in the "Live Plant" section of our store, labeled "Roots for Resources Cutting". 

Donations for the month prior will be made at the beginning of each month, and an Instagram Story will be posted and placed in the "Roots for Resources" highlight section of our Instagram page @theplanthappy. Thank you for your help in solutions for a better tomorrow!

November's Roots for Resources campaign will be for WildCare in San Rafael, CA- They are our local Wildlife Rescue Organization. A super storm on 10/25 flooded their facility, and with a storm like this also comes an uptick of wildlife needing their rescue services. They are a beautiful organization who truly makes a difference for our precious wildlife here in Marin County, CA. 

Help support this amazing organization by purchasing a cutting! Due to the cold weather we will be selling cuttings in-person until the Spring. for more information!