Let's Grow Together.

Let's Grow Together is so much more than about growing plants. It is a mission to cultivate a life and surroundings that allow our minds to be still, and for us to feel internally at peace. It's a mission to grow a healthy mind, body and soul and understand the deeper connection between ourselves and the universe (yes, and plants!) The Plant Happy as a company would like to create more awareness and conversation around how a zen environment helps your soul feel at ease, and in turn creates healthy habits and outlooks for our lives. Life is all about planting seeds for the future!

Spreading Light into all of your homes is just as important as spreading plants, home decor, and planty gift items!

The owner of The Plant Happy, Emily, is a 200 hour YTT certified yoga teacher and has used plants on her own path toward internal healing. Plants and their positive energy are so incredibly good for our mental health. In the near future, when we begin having pop-ups, we are manifesting holding plant yoga classes! We can't wait to assist you in cultivating a more beautiful life than you imagined. Join in the movement, and let's grow together.