Interior Plant Styling + Plant Care Services

We think everyone should own plants. They are great for our mental health and help create extra good vibes in any space. Not everyone is supposed to automatically know how much water, light and humidity each specific plant needs to thrive, and that's where we come in!


Plant Care Services

  • Re-potting can be scary for some plant parents. We will bring everything needed to your location to tackle the task including: tarps, our perfected soil mix, fertilizer, gloves, and more. 
  • Routine "plant chore" services including: watering, fertilizing, leaf shining and cleaning with microfiber gloves, etc. We only use all natural and organic homemade products.
  • Pest assessment and care plans. It happens to all of us, don't feel bad. 
  • Attaching moss poles to plants who need support and/or are climbers. We  can also create a true urban jungle vibe with your trailing vine style plants.
  • Virtual Plant Consultations. Book this if you just want to pick my super plant-focused brain! If you want tips or to ask questions this is for you.


Interior Plant Styling + Shopping

Plants are a whole vibe, and we want to help you create a beautiful one in your desired space. Check out our instagram @theplanthappy (there is a highlight section for WallyGro!) or come here to check out updates of spaces we have helped create!

  • We can help you decide what plants to put where in your space, along with doing each and every task it takes to create an urban jungle. We will assess your lighting situation and interior design style. We then do all of the planning, sourcing of plants and pots, re-potting and all of the plant errands for you! We can either deliver to your door or style them in your home for you. All you do is sit and wait for your new plant babes to be delivered for you to enjoy for years to come. 
  • We install WallyGro live plant walls! This is a beautiful way to incorporate a clean, beautiful living wall look in your home, office, patio space or anywhere. We can create a climbing or trailing plant look depending on what you prefer. 
  • We can assist you with your outdoor plant styling and design as well. As long as it is grown in a pot then we can help you create a beautiful porch, deck or patio look you have always dreamed of! 

Book a free 10 minute consultation with us today by emailing to discuss your plant goals