About The Plant Happy.

Hi! We are grateful you're here and have the desire to grow healthy plants + healthy minds together, while enjoying boho decor and fun planty gifts with us.

The Plant Happy was created from the ground up by Emily Vergara in her dining room in beautiful Marin County, CA. Emily's background consists of a Business Merchandising degree from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, CA, as well as 5+ years of assisting her beautiful and insanely talented Mother, Kathleen, with her women's boutique in Carmel, CA, as an assistant buyer, visual merchandiser, and fashion stylist.

Plants and nature have long-held an important role in Emily's life on her path of internal growth. When we assist a plant in growing strong roots in order to have healthy foliage and a long life, we can equate that with assisting ourselves in creating healthy habits to form a strong foundation for our lives, and a healthy mind-set. The healthier the roots, the healthier we all are!

Over the years she has developed a robust knowledge of horticulture and caring for plant life, but beyond that how to be in tune with what they're trying to tell us. Learning all of this while already having such a passion for home decor is how The Plant Happy was born! Emily has intentionally resourced every product that is sold in our shop and is contributing to the support of many small makers and businesses. Most items are hand-made by an actual human, and we love that! 

Our mission is to give back to beautiful Mother Earth and the abundance she has allowed all of us to enjoy for so long now.  The Plant Happy has set up a monthly "Roots for Resources" cutting sale where all profit will be donated to various climate change fighting, planet and animal protecting organizations. We are here to help and speak up for those who need it the most. We truly are all one, and the more we lift other beings, the more we lift ourselves. 

In Emily's spare time you'll find her doing yoga or adventuring around Marin and beyond with her insanely cute daughter, Luna, her Chihuahua, Duke, and her husband, Paulo. The passion we at The Plant Happy have for plants and all things that bring Light into our lives is the driving force in this mission of spreading some good (boho) vibes and plants to you all. 

Let's grow together!